1.To ensure the good running of production line, we will arrange comprehensive technical person to stay there for necessary support, until the line runs smoothly and continuously for a period of time.

2.Within the warranty period, non man-induced damage spare parts will be replaced for free, and  the warranty period shall be postponed accordingly. Replacement of spare parts outside the warranty period will be provided timely and charged at cost only.

3.Whether during the warranty period or not, we will reply within two hours upon receipt the machine line breakdown information. If needed, we will arrange technical person to repair the machine line as early as possible. Our staff will not leave until the fault condition is removed and the line works properly.

4.To ensure the good running of production line, in addition to text data provided, we will also arrange technical personnel to train the operation, maintenance personnel of customers, until they can master all the operation and maintenance procedures completely and skillfully.

5.We will make no less than one visit every year after our machine sold. For the questions from customers, we will make a serious rectification in order to make the previous equipment try to catch up with the requirement under new situation.

6.We supply long-term technology consulting services to our partners for free.

7.The warranty period shall be one year from the date of final acceptance.